'Aquaman's Jason Momoa Plays Water War With Jimmy Fallon

After Jimmy Fallon took over hosting responsibilities on The Tonight Show from Jay Leno, the [...]

After Jimmy Fallon took over hosting responsibilities on The Tonight Show from Jay Leno, the performer was forced to think outside the box to deliver audiences what they really wanted to see. In most cases, that meant asking celebrities to play a lot of silly or messy games typically played at a child's birthday party. Regardless of the motivation, Fallon's latest stunt involved throwing glass after glass of water on Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa.

Given his abilities with water, you'd think Aquaman would be the clear winner in the battle, but Fallon held his own against Arthur Curry, leading to an unexpected finale.

The actor's whole appearance on the show wasn't relegated to party tricks, as Momoa did reveal how he earned the coveted role as Aquaman.

"That whole audition process is pretty crazy," Momoa pointed out. "Zack was a huge fan of Game of Thrones. A lot of people are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Zack was the one that... I couldn't get a job and Zack called me in. He was a huge fan and he wanted to take Aquaman and... It was funny because I had no idea what I was even playing. He just called me in. I had an audition for Batman. Obviously, Ben was cast. I was like, 'I'm just basically gonna be the bad guy. I'm gonna fight Batman and Superman. I'm gonna play the villain.' And he's like, 'Wait, no. Aquaman!'"

The character was briefly seen in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Momoa didn't truly bring the character to life until last year's Justice League. You'll see him again later this year in Aquaman, hitting theaters in December.

"He really was this outsider and lived on the fringes of society," Momoa told ComicBook.com about his character in an exclusive interview. "We talked about him just being raised with his father, this blue collar worker. His father was a lighthouse keeper, but I probably worked on oil rigs. I'd be underwater and I could just rip the rig off and just weld."

You can see Momoa in a true water war when Aquaman hits theaters on December 21.

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