'Aquaman' Post Credits Scene Explained

In 2018, it's impossible to go see a comic book movie in theaters without expecting to see some [...]

In 2018, it's impossible to go see a comic book movie in theaters without expecting to see some sort of scene or tease stuffed somewhere during or after the credits. The Jason Momoa-starring Aquaman movie has finally arrived in theaters and, as you can guess, the film comes with a post-credits scene of its own. Trust us when we say, you'll want to stick around for this one.

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for Aquaman! Continue reading at your own risk...

While Orm was the main villain of Aquaman, the character's comic book nemesis Black Manta also had a significant role throughout the film. After Aquaman left his father for dead, Manta vowed to kill the Atlantean hero, and he spent the rest of the movie trying to do just that. However, in their final encounter, Manta was sent off a cliff and to what seemed like his death.

The post-credits scene reveals that Black Manta isn't dead after all (which won't really come as a surprise to anyone). The character is seen floating on a raft, with his helmet and armor broken. But his problems are soon solved when he's discovered by a character named Stephen Shin.

Dr. Shin, played by Randall Park in one short scene earlier in the film, is obsessed with Atlantis. When Black Manta comes to, he finds Shin tinkering with his mask, impressed with the Atlantean technology. After seeing the power of the weapon, Shin agrees to work with Black Manta, who is still hell-bent on getting revenge. With a genius like Shin at his disposal, Manta is immediately a dangerous threat once again.

This post-credits scene has the sole job of teasing the Aquaman sequel. Now that Orm has been stopped, Arthur will likely have to deal with attacks from the man who hates him most, powered by the one human who knows more about Atlantis than any other. They will be a thorn in the king's side, to say the least.

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Aquaman is now playing in theaters.