'Aquaman' Swims Past 'Deadpool 2' On All Time Domestic Box Office List

While the international box office is still a much bigger part of Aquaman's overall take than the [...]

While the international box office is still a much bigger part of Aquaman's overall take than the domestic draw, the film is slowly and steadily climbing the ladder in North America as well.

Most recently, Aquaman passed Deadpool 2 on the domestic box office charts, and currently sits at #61 on the all-time domestic box office charts.

The film is currently sitting at just under $325 million, poised to overtake Suicide Squad for the #60 slot soon.

With the film's home video release just announced, it seems pretty unlikely that the movie will stay in theaters for much longer, but given the closely-clustered movies at this position on the list, it is distinctly possible that Aquaman, which earned $5 million at the domestic box office last weekend, could pass a few more of its comic book movie brethren before it ends its run.

Another $10 million before it leaves theaters would see Aquaman jump up to #54 on the all-time box office list. Along the way it would pass Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330 million/#57), Guardians of the Galaxy ($333 million, #56), and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($334 million/#54). If it could crawl to $350 million before it leaves theaters, that would give it a chance to surpass a handful more movies, including Spider-Man 3 ($336.5 million/#53).

Warner Bros has been quite pleased with Aquaman's box office performance, and now fans can rewatch it to their heart's content when the film releases on home video. Aquaman will land on digital platforms March 5th and then will hit DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K HUD on March 26th. The 4K UHD Combo Pack will retail for $44.95, while the Blu-ray Combo Pack will cost $35.99. The DVD Special Edition will retail for $28.98.

The home video edition will also come loaded with extra featurettes, including Becoming Aquaman, Heroines of Atlantis, and Kingdoms of the Seven Seas, but it will also come with an exclusive three-minute sneak peek at Warner Bros. and DC's other upcoming superhero film Shazam!

For now, you can still see Aquaman in theaters if you want. So if you haven't yet, and/or you really want that immersive big-screen experience, head off to the theater before it comes out on digital and you could be part of what pushes the movie to its next big milestone.