'Arrow' Cast on Name Dropping Bruce Wayne, Wanting to Crossover With 'Gotham'

Earlier this season on Arrow, The CW's DC Comics superhero drama finally name-dropped Bruce Wayne officially establishing that the character exists in the Arrowvere. Now, the cast of the show is opening up about that moment and the opportunities they hope it brings -- including working with Gotham.

At Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose this weekend, the cast of Arrow was asked about where they would like to see the DC multiverse going as it keeps expanding both on television and in films. While Rick Gonzales, who plays Wild Dog on the series, commented about how he would like to see more characters incorporated and to continue to grow the multiverse, Echo Kellum (Mr. Terrific) had some very specific ideas about one major DC Comics character had been incorporated this season.

"One of the coolest parts from this season, and it was such a little small part, but I remember when I found out we were going to do it was so cool that, even Stephen name dropping Bruce Wayne in an episode, it was like so dope that you know like, yeah we are all in this world and this universe so just to see any of them come in," Kellum said.

While the Easter egg wasn't the first mentions of the billionaire in the Arrowverse -- Wayne had previously been referenced in a future newspaper during the series premiere of The Flash -- it was a dramatic and specific reference that laid to rest any doubt that at least the civilian identity of Batman exists, potentially opening the door for the character to show up on Arrow. Kellum, however, had another idea for how the character could connect and even further expand the DC TV universe -- he'd like to see a Gotham crossover.

"But like, yeah like Superman coming in on Supergirl, it really is amazing the array of characters that have been able to be involved in, you know, the DCTV universe or whatnot and I would love to see us even, you know, mess around with Gotham and you know all these properties that are under Warner Bros, it would be really cool," Kellum said.

While the idea of a Gotham/Arrow crossover sounds like it would be really cool, it's probably not particularly likely that the two shows will team up anytime soon. In addition to the two shows being on different networks, The CW shows have made a few generic references to Batman that would indicate that the Arrowverse timeline is a little more into the future than that of Gotham's.

Challenges aside, it's exciting to hear that the cast is down for such an opportunity and for expanding the multiverse and who knows, maybe we'll get to see more characters pop up in next year's crossover.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.