Arrow Season 5 Premiere Title Revealed


Production has just begun on season five of Arrow, a fact that series writer Marc Guggenheim shared with fans on Twitter. While that is news in and of itself, he also released a photo of the script cover page, and it depicts the opening episode's title, Legacy.

"Arrow Season 5 begins production today. @MericlesHappen @GBerlanti @JamesBamford"

Now that work is officially underway, the speculation train can really start moving forward. Legacy could be meant in a variety of ways. It could be in regards to the team as it was pretty much in shambles at the end of season four. It could be in reference to Laurel and her father, Detective Lance and what he plans to do from here on out, or it could be something else or another character entirely.

Arrow fans are also keen on trying to figure out the status of Oliver and Felicity's relationship.That was spurred on recently when Arrow actor David Ramsey teased the couple's reunion when he said: "We can expect death, mayhem, and Oliver and Felicity getting back together!"

The show will also welcome former WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes at some point during the fifth season, though no clue as to when that episode or arc might air. Guess we'll have to wait until October to see just what Legacy really means.