'Arrow': Is Stephen Amell Teasing Colton Haynes' Return?

Arrow Season 6 Colton Hayne Roy Harper Arsenal

Arrow just saw the fracturing of this latest iteration of Team Arrow, with Blak Canary, Mad Dog and Mr. Terrific all leaving the team, after a big falling out with Oliver Queen / Green Arrow. Well, it seems as though Oliver may soon be looking to some old Team Arrow members to fill the void - at least it looks that way, based on this latest tease from Stephen Amell:

That's Colton Haynes - aka Roy Harper - aka Arsenal! He officially left the team (and show) at the end of season 3, after suffering some PTSD from his wacky days raging out to the Mirakuru serum. We've seen him pop up for some small cameos, but never really with the same prominence he once had in the show.

Oliver will soon find himself facing an entire team of villains, as the midseason finale revealed that Cayden James is working with a team of villains that includes Vigilante, Black Siren and Anatoly Knyazev. It only makes sense that when he realizes the immensity of threat, (not to mention the betrayal each member of James' team represents to a member of team Arrow) Oliver reaches out to someone he can thoroughly trust. It also makes sense that Oliver's pride would prevent him from going straight to his current team members, and instead make him attempt to pull Roy back into the fold again - whether Roy wants to or not.


Arrow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW. The show is currently on winter hiatus and will return January 18, 2018.