'Arrow': The New Green Arrow's Identity Revealed in "Unmasked"

Arrow's latest mystery was just solved in tonight's midseason finale, and it may have just changed [...]

Arrow's latest mystery was just solved in tonight's midseason finale, and it may have just changed the course of the show as we know it.

Major spoilers for tonight's episode of Arrow, "Unmasked", below!

The episode opened with an Asian woman (Shea Shimooka) working out and going about her morning routine, only for her to see a news report about Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) post-prison life. The woman then quickly suited up -- as the new Green Arrow.

Later, while out in the field, Oliver then crossed paths with the new Green Arrow, and suggested that they cooperate with the authorities. The new Green Arrow then led Oliver on a chase, before escaping.

In the episode's final scene, the woman was in a location pretty familiar to Arrow fans - Robert Queen's headstone, outside of the now-burnt Queen Mansion. The woman referred to Robert as "dad", remarking that Oliver was more similar to both Robert and herself than she'd thought, but that she wouldn't give up, ever.

While her name isn't mentioned outright, this last scene makes things pretty darn clear -- the woman is none other than Emiko Queen.

In the comics, Emiko is the child of Robert Queen and Shado, who gets kidnapped and raised by Simon Lacroix/Komodo as a baby. Emiko grows up under the tutelage of Komodo and the Outsiders, but ultimately kills her adoptive father while he is fighting Oliver. Emiko then returns to Seattle with Oliver, living with him and operating as his sidekick, Red Arrow. Over the past few years of DC Comics canon, Emiko has helped Oliver save the day on an array of occasions, almost sacrificing herself to save him, and went on to join the Teen Titans.

It's unclear exactly how Emiko's story will be adapted onto the small screen, as Arrow made Shado a (much younger) love interest of Oliver's instead of Robert's, and already adapted Komodo back in Season 3. And considering the fact that Oliver already has a half-sister-turned-vigilante in Thea Queen (Willa Holland), it definitely doesn't seem out of the question that her origin could be getting a bit of remix.

Even then, it will be interesting to find out exactly why Emiko is suiting up as the new Green Arrow, and what exactly the crusade is that she's on. Depending on how the storyline shakes out, that could manifest in some interesting ways, both with regards to comic canon and with the show's recent focus on Oliver's legacy as a vigilante.

"The only thing that is left for him to do - and he doesn't need to die to do this - is he needs to leave a legacy." Amell said in an interview earlier this year. "Because we have all these other shows that exist. So whether Arrow continued on in the absence of Oliver Queen, or someone else took up the mantle of the Green Arrow... I think leaving a legacy is the last box left to tick for the character."

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Arrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. After next week's "Elseworlds" crossover, new episodes will return on Monday, January 21st.