'Batman: Damned' Will Make Fans Shout "Holy Fork, Batman!" at All the F-Bombs

The new issue of Batman: Damned seems to have great affection for a certain four letter curse [...]

The new issue of Batman: Damned seems to have great affection for a certain four letter curse word.

Batman: Damned, written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, is the flagship series of DC's new "Black Label" of comics. The series is meant for mature readers, something that Batman: Damned illustrated when it flashed Batman's penis during the first issue. While Batman doesn't pull out his junk in the second issue, the comic did feature a ton of cursing, especially when it came to the infamous f-bomb.

Per ComicBook.com's count, Batman: Damned #2 dropped the "F-word" a whopping ten times, which has to be a record when it comes to a Batman comic. To the comic's credit, none of the curses come from Batman's mouth, but rather from various members of DC's supernatural community.

John Constantine, who comes to "assist" Batman in an investigation into Joker's alleged death, drops a couple of F-Bombs, but it's really Jason Blood/Etrigan (reimagined as a....rapper) and Deadman who really turn things up a notch. One conversation between Etrigan and Deadman features multiple "fucks" as the two argue during a tense stand-off in a club.

Deadman also drops a few curses after the body he possesses catches on fire, although he strangely seems to enjoy the sensation of burning alive rather than screaming in pain.

In addition to the copious amounts of cursing, there's also what appears to be a scene of sexual assault, as Harley Quinn drugs Batman, mounts him, unzips her body suit (showing off gnarly scars and the outline of erect nipples in the process) and unbuckles Batman's utility belt while "saying No means Yes" and talking about how Batman needs to die.

Clearly, this is a comic not written for children in mind. The first issue proved so controversial that DC self-censored future digital and print editions of the comic to delete Batman's shadow-y penis. Whether DC decides to tone down the cursing in future issues remains to be seen.

Batman: Damned #2 is available for sale now.