Batman and Commissioner Gordon Have a New Year's Eve Tradition

It's New Year's Eve and fans know what Batman and GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon will be doing.

Batman and Gordon have a New Year's Eve tradition, at least according to The New Batman Adventures. "Holiday Knights," the first episode of the relaunched animated series, revealed this tradition.

After a New Year's Eve spent keeping Gotham safe, Gordon visits a Gotham City tavern. The proprietor, Joe, clears the room. He wonders if Gordon's friend will show this year and, right on cue, he does. The Batman walks in the back door.

Batman sits down to enjoy a cup of coffee with Gordon, his friend and ally in the war on crime. They toast to each other's survival and the hopes that they'll survive the coming year as well.

Gordon turns to order a cheesesteak sandwich and, by the time he turns back, Batman is gone and has paid the bill. Gordon swears that one year he'll beat Batman to the check.

"Holiday Knights" includes several vignettes of the Batman family's activities during the holidays. The episode is an adaptation of 1995's Batman Adventures Holiday Special comic book.


Paul Dini wrote "Holiday Knights" and Dan Riba directed. The episode first aired on September 13, 1997. It was the pilot episode of the revamped New Batman Adventures on Kids WB.

Make sure you don't forget your old acquaintances this New Year. Be like Batman and buy them a cup of coffee.