Zack Snyder Announces Batman v Superman Watch Party With Live Commentary

This past week, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice celebrated its fourth anniversary. The Zack Snyder-directed flick served as a major launching point of Warner Brothers' DC Extended universe by introducing Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman to the masses. Now to help celebrate, Snyder himself is doing a live watch-along. In the vein of's #QuarantineWatchParty, Snyder is encouraging fans to press play on their copy of Batman v. Superman at 11am Eastern as he provides live commentary on his Vero account.

Shortly after Affleck was cast as the Caped Crusader, he told the magazine Snyder was aiming for a Frank Miller-era take on the Gotham-based character.

"I don't think I even realized how iconic the character was until I took the job, and then that was a big story," Affleck said. "And it happened at the time when the internet was expanding into the movie business into kind of a different way... the fan sites and the relationships with the fans, and the studios, and the comic book creators and stuff was changing and evolving."

"Zack told me he basically wanted to do the tone of The Dark Knight Frank Miller series. Where he's older, he's kind of broken down and more vulnerable and I thought that was a really interesting approach to Batman," he added. "As a guy who is vulnerable, as a guy who aches when he gets up in the morning, as a guy who feels a lot of psychological torment, I thought was a really interesting approach to playing a hero and that is what we wanted to do."

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is available wherever movies are sold.


Other upcoming DC movies tentatively include Wonder Woman 1984 on August 14th, The Batman on June 25, 2021, The Suicide Squad on August 6, 2021, Black Adam on December 22, 2021, Shazam! 2 on April 1, 2022, The Flash on July 1, 2022, and Aquaman 2 on December 16, 2022.