Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "Loose Tooth"

If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Loose Tooth." Obviously, spoilers for Season 3, Episode 2 of Batwoman, "Loose Tooth", below! Only look if you want to know!


Two college kids sneak into a pool to party — until they both get eaten by the new Killer Croc. The former Killer Croc, Waylon Jones, was a professional wrestler-turned-monster who existed in Gotham two decades before, and Batman had tried to find a cure for his physical ailment, before the GCPD killed him.

Alice is released from prison on her assignment from Renee. Renee tells Ryan that if Alice breaks the conditions of her sentence, Ryan will also be arrested for vigilantism. Meanwhile, Jada Jet arrives at Wayne Enterprises, wanting to meet with Ryan, who is technically the acting CEO. Sophie tells Ryan that Jada is her birth mother, and Ryan decides she doesn't want her in her life. During the meeting, Jada accuses Ryan of corporate episonage for the "hack" that took place at Wayne Enterprises, and tells her to stay out of her business.

Batwoman and Alice track Croc into the sewers, as Alice continues to antagonize Ryan over Jada being her birth mom. They find the father of the new Killer Croc, who is really a teenager named Steven who was exposed to Killer Croc's tooth while on a fishing trip. Steven's father begins to torture Batwoman with a shock device to prevent her from hurting him, but Steven intervenes and eats his dad instead. Alice uses the shock device to disable her ankle bracelet and escape, and she briefly hesitates after finding a young girl who is a victim of Croc's, but leaves her behind anyway.

Luke introduces Mary to the Lucius AI, in hopes of figuring out the problem with the Batwing suit. Mary performs a medical examination on Luke, and his heart starts to race — and they almost kiss. Luke decides to override the suit's failsafe, which Mary disagrees with, but she lets him go out into the field anyway.

Batwing corners Alice and they fight, with Batwing injecting nanobots into Alice that will prevent her from escaping. Meanwhile, Batwoman stops Croc and turns Alice back in to Renee, who takes her back to Arkham.

The next day, Ryan tells Sophie that she's still struggling with why Jada abandoned her, and Sophie suggests going to Jada for answers. Mary tells Luke that the Batwing suit is detecting the emotional pain from his gunshot injury.

Renee opens the vial of Poison Ivy vines, and discovers that it's fake, revealing to her colleague that she'd previously encountered the real Ivy vines.

Ryan meets with Jada, and reveals she's her daughter.

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