Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "And Justice For All"

Batwoman's second season has brought surprises at basically every turn, as The CW series has taken [...]

Batwoman's second season has brought surprises at basically every turn, as The CW series has taken its ensemble of characters through some major challenges. This week's episode was expected to be no exception, between the Snakebite crusade profoundly impacting Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) and Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), to Alice (Rachel Skarsten) dealing with the bombshell regarding Kate Kane (Wallis Day). If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "And Justice For All." Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 14 of Batwoman, "And Justice For All", below! Only look if you want to know!


Alice is still shocked that Circe is really Kate, although Circe doesn't believe it. Sionis is happy with Alice's face-swapping work and grants her freedom, and Alice reluctantly leaves. Alice goes to Enigma and tortures her for not telling her about Kate, and Enigma tells her to bring an object of Kate's that could potentially trigger a memory. Alice goes back down to the abandoned train car and grabs some of Kate's childhood mementos, only to discover Ocean, who has been hiding there for two days. She eventually tells him that Kate is alive, and they hug. Ocean and Alice visit Enigma and bring her the keys to Kate's motorcycle. Enigma tells Alice that bringing Kate's memories back might not go perfectly, and that she needs a trigger word in order to fully unlock Kate's memories, but Ocean stabs her before she can provide it. Ocean tells Alice that he loves her, and that he killed Enigma because he's jealous of Alice's fascination with Kate.

Batwoman breaks up a False Face drug deal, and accidentally stumbles upon a cannibal woman in an abandoned church.

The next day, Ryan bartends at a fundraiser event for the community center. Luke shows her another separate case of cannibalism in Gotham, but Ryan is afraid to look into it. Ryan also flirts with Imani, the community center organizer she's been seeing, and she worries that she's not going to be able to pull off dating her and being Batwoman at the same time. Police officers show up to the bar with a noise complaint, and they ultimately arrest Ryan and Luke after Ryan touches one of the cops. Sophie shows up after the raid and alleges one of the cops is falsifying his report, and he also acts antagonistic towards her. In jail, Ryan and Luke debate about how either of them should have responded to the situation, just as Sophie gets thrown into their cell as well. They each have a different outlook on the experience, especially juxtaposed with their histories of growing up black in Gotham. Ryan initially calls out Luke for not speaking up during the ordeal and Sophie for benefitting from the establishment as a Crow, but they all reconcile and acknowledge each other's experiences.

A Snakebite user begins to turn possessed and attacks a woman in the street, threatening to eat her face. A police officer shows up, but the other Snakebite cannibals begin to attack him as well. Meanwhile, Mary tends to Jacob in her hospital, and she wants him to tell her the truth about his Snakebite addiction. The man — Richard — makes his way to Mary's clinic and handcuffs himself to a bed, asking for help so he doesn't eat them. Richard reveals that he took the new version of Snakebite, and that he'd hoped he'd hallucinate his dead wife. More of the cannibals' victims make their way into Mary's hospital.

Eventually, the cannibal situation in Gotham gets worse, and the Bat-signal is turned on. Imani shows up to the jail and helps the three of them get out, but Ryan makes an excuse for why she can't spend time with each other.

Mary suggests that the cannibal attacks are people literally craving other people's memories, and she figures out a way to reverse the effects. Meanwhile, Sophie goes back to the Crows headquarters, and Tavaroff and the other Crows initially belittle her, but listen to her. Luke gives Ryan a briefcase filled with vials, with her having to inject each of the cannibals with the antidote individually.

Batwoman fights the cannibals and tries to administer the antidote, but Tavaroff and the Crows arrive and kill them all, against Sophie's orders.

As Mary and Jacob help the patients in the hospital, Mary recognizes that Jacob took the Snakebite in order to get another chance with Kate and Beth, but she calls him out for fracturing their own relationship in the process. Richard eats his own hand to get out of his handcuffs and leaves the hospital, attacking a police officer until Batwoman injects him with the antidote.

Ryan, Luke, and Sophie meet up at the bar, and Sophie tells them that she's decided to leave the Crows after seeing their corruption firsthand. They toast. Later, Ryan has drinks with Imani, and she admits that she hasn't been entirely honest with her, and breaks up with her.

Luke walks to his car and finds a car being carjacked by Eli, a white guy who briefly shared a cell with them earlier in the day. The Crows show up, and Eli blames Luke for the carjacking. Tavaroff mistakes the cell phone in Luke's hand for a gun and shoots him, and he collapses to the ground.


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