DC Reveals Heartbreaking Fate of Captain Carrot's World

Dark Nights: Death Metal's impact on the DC Comics canon is continuing to be felt, and it seems like Perpetua's hold on the DC multiverse isn't lessening anytime soon. The comic event has made fans look at DC's multiverse - and the many different characters that reside in it - in a wildly different way, especially as the destruction of their Earths appears to be imminent. The recent Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse's End one-shot was no exception, uniting various heroes from across DC's different Earths. For one character - who is arguably one of DC's most absurd alternate heroes - that issue's events included a pretty heart-wrenching interlude. Spoilers for Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse's End #1 below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue revolves around a series of disparate characters from across the remaining multiverse worlds, who are desperately trying to fight off the attack from Perpetua. Among those is Rodney Rabbit/Captain Carrot, a rabbit-human hybrid who essentially serves as the Superman of Earth-26. Midway through the issue, Captain Carrot can be seen ushering refugees to safety, only to be asked what happened to his Earth. As Captain Carrot puts it, he was taken by surprise by Perpetua's forces, which quickly and unceremoniously destroyed his world and a lot of the heroes on it.

dark nights death metal captain carrot earth 26
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Captain Carrot was then saved by the other heroes from across the multiverse, as they tried to save as many people as they possibly could.

The destruction of Earth-26 - and seeing Captain Carrot be so visibly distraught over it - is certainly a jarring visual that illustrates the magnitude of the Death Metal event. Captain Carrot - and his team, dubbed the Amazing Zoo Crew - initially debuted in The New Teen Titans backups in the 1980s, and sporadically crossed over with the main parts of the DC canon. Over the past few decades, Captain Carrot and the other animal-themed heroes have been regarded to be a delightful and bizarre part of the DC universe, which makes the apparent death of almost all of their heroes definitely a little distressing. But with several chapters still in store of Death Metal, it will be interesting to see whatever the future holds for Earth-26 and its heroes.


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