DC Brings Back an Iconic Catwoman Costume

The Catwoman comic book series from DC has brought the character back to one of her classic costumes, putting her back in the suit some fans came to know as the character's primary look, her suit from Batman: The Animated Series. Catwoman #23 from writers Blake Northcott and Sean Murphy, with art by Cian Tormey reveals the iconic costume in the first of a two-part story. It's unclear if Selina will continue to wear the suit through the new issues of the series but we can seemingly expect to see her wear the outfit in the next issue as well.

"This is definitely a return to form for Selina in more ways than one," Northcott told CBR in a new interview. "Sean [Murphy] had these amazing visual ideas of her classic outfit with a modern, Batman The Animated Series twist, and also the setting. He came up with this jungle theme, and it was brilliant! Once the framework was in place I went back and explored Selina's roots. She started as a pure villain and a diamond thief, but the layers of complexity came later. There have been a million Top 100 Heroes and Top 100 Villains lists over the years, and reliably, she'll show up on both simultaneously! Her duality was the most interesting aspect to pick apart and play with."

catwoman original costume DC comics
(Photo: DC Comics)

The latest ongoing Catwoman series has a history over its two year run of putting the character in new and modern versions of fan-favorite costumes. Writer/artist Joëlle Jones put the character in a version of the costume as seen in Batman Returns, while a new suit debuted in the series last year featuring some cut outs from the classic suit and showing some more skin.

Catwoman #23 is in stores now with Catwoman #24 set to be published on August 19, 2020. The new issue is also written by Murphy and Northcott with art by Tormey. The solicitation for the next issue reads:


(W) Sean Murphy, Blake Northcott (A) Cian Tormey (CA) Sean Murphy
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Sadly it seems the character will return to her modern suit with issue #25, a tie-in to the Joker War crossover.