DC Comics Leaks a Glimpse at Their Official New Time Line

DC Comics New Timeline Batman Superman Wonder Woman

DC Comics is doing some much-needed clean-up to its convoluted continuity by rebooting the official DC Universe timeline. Milestone events from the DC saga will now be re-ordered, starting with the idea of Wonder Woman being the first superhero in the DC Universe. Details of this new timeline are being kept tightly under wraps, though we know the new DC history books will be comprised of four eras (or "generations") coinciding with Wonder Woman's arrival in man's world; Superman's superhero debut; a "Crisis" age spanning from the original '80s Crisis event up until the "Flashpoint" event; and the new universe established after Flashpoint.

Well, today DC Comics is teasing fans with a look at more details of its new official timeline - see for yourself, below:

The picture depicts the first ten years of "Generation 1," which is the new Golden Age era of DC Comics. The timeline is split between the main DC Trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (in that order), and details how the key events of their respective origins coincide:

  • Wonder Woman's debut in man's world now occurs in the exact same year that Krypton exploded and Superman crashed in Smallville.
  • While Clark Kent is growing up, Wonder Woman sets the blueprint for what superheroes are by joining the Justice Society of America, leading into the dark time of WWII.
  • Bruce Wayne's birth is synced up with the debut of Wonder Woman's nemesis, Cheetah.
  • And a year after Bruce is born, Wonder Woman's adventures with the JSA end after she retreats from man's world, following America dropping the Atomic bombs on Japan.

What's interesting here is how the new timeline clearly positions Wonder Woman as the example that later inspires heroes like Superman and the Justice League team - and also the clear age difference between Superman and Batman that's established (Clark is six years older). There are more details if you look closely in the timeline:

  • "Freedom Fighters" and "All-Star Squadron" are listed in the WWII era - two teams from DC Comics continuity that could stand a retcon.
  • There are more character timelines under the DC Trinity: a yellow one is clearly visible (though seemingly unoccupied by G1 events); and a green one can bare be seen beneath the yellow. Could these be the new timelines for characters like Flash and Green Lantern?

We'll keep you updated on the status of DC's new timeline launch as details come to light.