DC FanDome Crashes With Part 2 Launch

DC FanDome returned on Saturday for the second part of the much hyped event this time offering fans a chance to go deeper into the world of DC television, comics, and more. But while the first day of the event back in August had a mostsly smooth kick off, fans soon discovered that Saturday's festivities weren't so lucky. DC FanDome has crashed as fans all over the world tuned in for the epic event, leading to confusion, frustration, and even a bit of humor from fans anxious to celebrate their favorite DC content.

As fans began to pull up the videos for various panels and events for Saturday's DC FanDome offerings, they were quickly met with a "502 Bad Gateway" notice. Many fans tried multiple videos and panels only to run into the same problem largely across the board, leading to a bit of frustration as many fans have been hoping for announcements about some of their favorite shows, such as Young Justice, Harley Quinn, and Doom Patrol. Fortunately, DC had a sense of humor about it, blaming it on the Riddler.

Given how eagerly anticipated DC FanDome has been it's not a surprise that there have been some technical issues with the event. Due to the coronavirus pandemic having shut down most in-person conventions in 2020, the convention world has taken a virtual approach, thus offering fans who may normally have attended an in-person convention a chance to participate as well. However, while there have been some major events, such as San Diego Comic-Con's Comic-Con at Home presentations last month, DC has been expected to be a massive event with trailers and reveals for huge projects across every corner of the DC Universe -- making it a huge draw for fans.

And the technical issues with DC FanDome also shouldn't come as a huge surprise because there were some issues even before the event properly began back in August as well. Ahead of that day of DC FanDome kicking off in earnest with the Wonder Woman 1984 the schedule site experienced technical difficulties. Fans logging in early to check their schedules and get ready for the big event were greeted with a message saying "We'll be right back" in a number of languages or, if they got to their schedule page at all, "An error occurred: Network Error". The issue was fixed relatively quickly.


Fortunately, this DC FanDome crash may itself also be brief. Soon after noticing various panels not loading, some started to come to life -- a good sign for the event overall.

Are you surprised that DC FanDome crashed on Saturday? What was the panel you were most excited about? Let us know in the comment section!