DC Releases New Fandome Day 2 Trailer & Information

DC FanDome, the WarnerMedia-run virtual convention aimed at promoting what DC has to offer in film, TV, video games, and comics, was originally conceived of as a one-day mega-event, with more hours of programming than anyone could reasonably digest during that period, lending the whole thing the feeling of an in-person convention, where each person has to tailor their own schedule and experience to their own priorities, and sometimes you miss stuff no matter what you do. At the last minute, WB elected to move most of their over 100 hours of programming to September, giving fans who watched FanDome last month an opportunity to watch one, uninterrupted stream of content (primarily movies and video games).

That leaves a lot of TV, comics, and other content for September 12, when dozens of hours of material will be made available via video on demand. Once again, it's a 24-hour event, and this time it really does look like it will be impossible for one person to take it all in...but at least with the movie and video game presentations out of the way, the remaining content is more likely to get some eyeballs.

You can see the trailer for Day Two of the event below, along with some details about what to expect from the hours of on-demand programming coming to a multiverse near you next weekend.

"After FanDome, we saw viewership of our DC movies pop on HBO Max," Ann Sarnoff, head of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group, said yesterday. "We're using all our businesses to drive new businesses."

FanDome was born out of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the resulting cancellation of Comic Con International in San Diego, but while Comic-Con's YouTube and social media metrics were significantly lower than expected, FanDome blew away expectations, and the film industry has taken note. Originally, FanDome was intended to drop all of its content in one day, but at the last minute, WarnerMedia elected to split it up, focusing on feature films and video games in August, with the TV and comics content largely put off until September. Over the course of the two-day event, nearly 500 cast members and producers from DC properties were engaged.

The thing about FanDome becoming a potential commercial hit in and of itself is that it was originally designed as a promotional event, with Warner likely open to taking a small loss in order to generate buzz for its upcoming projects. Instead, it seems like the ecstatic response has them scrambling to take advantage of a good thing -- a situation relatively rare to WB and DC, who have found themselves chasing the Marvel Cinematic Universe's financial success for a decade.

You can see what's in the pipeline for next weekend here:

More about The Multiverse:

  • WatchVerse: Panels include the official introduction of WBTV's Batwoman, as well as Superman & Lois, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, DC's Stargirl, Black Lightning, expanded versions of The Flash (TV) and Titans panels that debuted during Hall of Heroes, and so much more. Plus, keep an eye out for breaking news throughout the day.
  • InsiderVerse: In the InsiderVerse, fans can go behind the scenes with the master artisans who bring DC to life in all its forms, from comic books to games, TV, movies, theme parks, consumer products and more.
  • Blerd & Boujee: Blerd & Boujee programming celebrates Blerd (aka "Black nerd") culture and its impact around the globe, featuring diverse artists, voices, musicians and content.
  • FunVerse: Fun is the name of the game in the FunVerse, and a perfect place to share your DC fandom. Read hundreds of free digital comics, strike a pose at the selfie station, explore the Joker Escape Room, and much more.
  • YouVerse: Where FANS are the stars. Check out more than 17,000 fan art, cosplay, and user-generated content submissions from around the world, and don't forget to vote for your favorites.

All of the above "'Verses" content can be streamed exclusively at DCFanDome.com and available globally, across desktop and mobile, and in 9 languages.


Key art from various movies, video games, TV series, and more will also be coming to the DC FanDome storefronts on Designed By Humans and Amazon. DC says that new products from Design by Humans and Amazon will include stickers, mouse pads, mugs, wall art and phone accessories.

The second half of DC FanDome is coming on September 12. Keep your eyes on ComicBook.com for more details.