DC's Stargirl Star Brec Bassinger Opens Up About the End of the Arrowverse

With the new season of television starting up, it's officially the end of an era for The CW. When The Flash returns for Season 9 in early 2023, it will be for a final season, marking the end of the long-running Arrowverse of connected DC inspired superhero shows on the network. The network will still have superheroes, at least for the moment. Superman & Lois, which was revealed to take place on its own Earth last season, is coming back for Season 3 in 2023 and DC's Stargirl just kicked off its third season last week. But still, the end of the Arrowverse is a huge shift and now, Stargirl herself Brec Bassinger is speaking out on the end of this era — as well as reveals that there have already been pitches for a fourth season of DC's Stargirl.

Speaking with Decider (via Bleeding Cool), Bassinger said that she's sad about the end of the Arrowverse, but very honored to have been part of it, even with Stargirl technically part of its own world.

"I know people on these shows, so of course, I'm sad and emotional for all of them," Bassinger said. "I've seen how much work it takes to make these shows, but I'm just so grateful for what we've gotten to do. I'm so proud of the show that I'm part of, and fingers crossed it gets to keep going, but regardless, I'm so honored to be a part of this, this Arrowverse."

Bassinger went on to talk a bit about the future of DC's Stargirl and said that she's heard some pitches for Season 4 and that showrunner Geoff Johns is doing his best to see the show continue.

"Geoff, our showrunner, for lack of a better term this is his baby, and he's put so much love, and I've heard Season 4 pitches and I know he's not leaving any stone unturned to get it to continue," Bassinger said. "But I'm just so grateful. There has been so much fan push on Twitter and Instagram, and it has made me, Geoff, and the whole cast and crew feel so loved because we do work hard on it. So, it feels good that they're rooting for us."

The overall fate of not just DC's Stargirl and Superman & Lois, but the rest of The CW's slate of shows is something that is a little bit up in the air. Last month it was reported that The CW is being sold to Nextstar with the deal expected to be finalized in Q3 2022. It remains to be seen exactly what that means for the network's existing programming.

DC's Stargirl airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.