Enchantress Almost Looked More Like Her Comic Book Counterpart In Suicide Squad

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By now, you've certainly seen the first looks at how Enchantress will look when she enters the world of DC Films in Suicide Squad. She has long, inky hair, with a crescent moon on her forehead, strange runic tattoos all over her arms and stomach. Sunken eyes and scantily clad, there's no one that mistake this for a superhero. When you look in the pages of DC Comics, and her appearances in animation, however, the character has a very different look, usually clad in a green cape and either a green bodysuit or corset.

Well, that comic book look almost made it in the movie. While on a visit to the Suicide Squad set last summer, Comicbook.com and other press got a peek into the concept art behind the film, and standing there in nearly life-size glory was a poster-image of Cara Delevigne as Enchantress - clad in green and looking very much like she stepped off the page. Producer Andy Horowitz told Comicbook.com that the version in green came out in the "process" and "evolution" of the character.

"She is a witch [in our film]," Horowitz explained of her new look. "I think sorcerer is one way to describe her, but at the end of the day, she's a witch. I think, what would a contemporary, modern day witch look like? I think trying to take her old look and contemporize it, and make it a little bit darker, a little more witch-like, a little bit more grounded, more real," is what they tried to do.

Horowitz said part of the difficulty of that, ironically, is that "Cara is obviously a supermodel and extremely photogenic," but that her approach to dual characters: the human June Moone and the witch Enchantress made her their first choice for the role.

"This was a look that we were all really excited about, and I think it really embodies her character in the movie. It's something different and unique," he said. He also praised Delevigne's work in the film, and her work ethic in general, as she'd often go from shoots for the movie to modeling jobs halfway around the world, then be back the next day ready to go.


Enchantress, as it turns out, will have a more pivotal role in the film than fans may have thought from her relatively small presence in the trailers, as she'll largely be on the antagonist side of the fight in this film, for reasons that they weren't fully giving up on the set.

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You can see Enchantress in her multiple looks in Suicide Squad in theaters now.