Fans Want Michael Keaton to Join Robert Pattinson For Batman Beyond Movie

It seems Robert Pattinson could end up being the next Dark Knight in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman [...]

It seems Robert Pattinson could end up being the next Dark Knight in Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman movie, at least if current reports hold up. Fans seem to be mostly positive about the casting, but there's one segment of fans who see another opportunity for a Pattinson Batman. The internet quickly figured out that Pattinson would make a great Terry Crews, who is the new Batman in Batman Beyond. As for the older Bruce Wayne, well, Michael Keaton was quickly nominated, and fans are loving the idea.

Chris Hastings posted an image of Keaton and Pattinson along with an image from Batman Beyond of Terry standing next to Bruce, adding the caption "DO IT." People were clearly into it, as you can see in some of the tweets below. Michael Keaton is still looked at as one of the best Batman's ever, and there's always been a lot of love for Batman Beyond from fans.

Nika Harper replied "I am officially into it", while Phan-Site responded with a GIF of Michael Scott slamming the table and saying THANK YOU!" Ben Philippe said "I gasped", while David Lira said "arguably the best part of Spider-Man Homecoming. Need more Michael Keaton on screen!"

You can see some of our favorites below.

"Now that I would straight up see. RP as current age Batman ... would have to be wait and see. Especially since the DC films have been so hit or miss."

"Yes yes, 1000 times yes, give me cyberpunk batman!"

Pattinson's role as Batman has not been confirmed by the studio, but if it does happen then other castings will likely soon follow. That will be the first real chance we have to find out what villains and allies will be in the film alongside Reeves' Dark Knight. Reeves took over the Batman solo film after Ben Affleck stepped down as director and writer of the project, but at one point he was still slated to star as Batman.

Eventually, Affleck departed the role altogether, and it makes sense in a way, as Reeves has stated he is looking to make a different type of Batman movie than we've previously seen. It's also unknown if the film will connect to any other DC films like Wonder Woman and Justice League or if this will be a complete reboot, but either way, we can't wait to find out.