'Gotham's Most Powerful Couple Finally Reunites

As the final season of Gotham barrels toward its finale, one of the most important pieces of the [...]

As the final season of Gotham barrels toward its finale, one of the most important pieces of the future of the city fell into place. One of the show's most powerful couples finally found their way back to one another at the end of Thursday night's episode, resulting in a twist that some fans will likely, but will surely change the fabric of Gotham City going forward.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Gotham! Continue reading at your own risk...

As we know from the Batman comics, Jim Gordon will eventually have a daughter named Barbara Gordon, and she will grow up to become Batgirl. This future thread made sense in the first season when Jim Gordon was engaged to Barbara Kean. However, in the seasons since then, Barbara became a full-on villain, and one of Jim's biggest adversaries. Jim moved on and fell in love with Lee Thompkins, though she has been gone since the onset of No Man's Land.

So, if Jim is going to eventually name his daughter Barbara, something is going to have to seriously change. Either the two would need to find their way back together, or Babs would have to do something truly heroic to make Jim's opinion of her change drastically enough to name his child after her. Both seemed like highly unlikely scenarios, until this week.

At the end of the episode, Barbara showed up in Jim's office to offer him a new lead on the Haven bomber, and knowing he was down on himself after losing people to Penguin. He told her to leave, she didn't listen, got really close to kissing him, then walked away. Before she reached the door however, Jim pulled her back and kissed her. And that continued until the title screen appeared, alluding to the fact that this wasn't just one simple kiss.

Jim and Barbara may not stay together, but the sparks have been reignited. This could be the start of something more, or it could just be a one night stand. Either way, it's enough to finally plant the seeds for Barbara Gordon's eventual existence.

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