Grant Gustin On The Flash's Relationships With Iris, Joe, and Wally West In Season 3

While the world around Barry Allen is radically altered as The Flash starts its third season, [...]


While the world around Barry Allen is radically altered as The Flash starts its third season, arguably no set of relationships is more changed than the ones he has with Joe West and his children, Iris and Wally.

The West family are no longer Barry's adoptive family -- he doesn't need one since, at the end of Season Two, he traveled back in time and saved his mother's life. And so, as it would have been if Eobard Thawne had never darkened his doorstep, Barry barely knows Joe and Iris...and his tie to Wally is that Wally is running around in a costume.

Series star Grant Gustin joined last week at Comic Con International: San Diego to talk about the forthcoming season of The Flash. You can see it here, or read on below.

When the season picks up, Barry is the only one who knows about these choices he made, so he's kind of carrying that around by himself. Is that challenging for you as an actor, since nobody else's characters can really relate to you?

Yeah, no one knows that the timeline has been affected other than Barry.

It's a fun thing. When we pick it up, Barry doesn't have any regrets at this point. Barry's been in this timeline for a few months when we start "Flashpoint." He's still living in a complete state of bliss with both of his parents alive. There's a Kid Flash running around as The Flash, so Barry doesn't have to be The Flash and he's okay with that. He still has his powers, but he's starting to forget the other timeline. He's got new memories that are emerging, like graduating high school or college or moments with his parents, and they're replacing old memories.

And I think it's when he starts to realize that's happening, that's when he starts to realize how selfish this kind of was, how messed up it was. It's affecting not only him and his family's life, but everybody connected to him and -- who knows? -- countless people across the globe potentially.

So the incredibly indecisive Barry Allen is going to try to fix things again once he realizes how much this has affected everyone's life.

How about Joe West? What does that look like now?

Barry's still a CSI, but he never went to move in with them, obviously, since his mom never died, so they don't have that father/son dynamic at all. They work together, they're barely acquaintances. Iris and Barry went to school together, they're also barely acquaintances. But Barry also remembers that conversation on the porch did take place, and he's going to try and force those relationships to happen.

The Flash returns for its third season on October 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.