Here Is What Tenet Star John David Washington Could Look Like As Green Lantern

John David Washington, star of Spike Lee's BlackkKlansman and Chris Nolan's upcoming film Tenet, has quickly become a fan-favorite to play Green Lantern. As Washington has become a bigger movie star, DC fans have started to imagine him in the role of John Stewart, the Marine veteran and architect who took over the role of Earth's Green Lantern, when the Guardians selected him as the partner of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. John Stewart became a breakout icon in the 2000s, thanks to the Justice League animated series. Now, thanks to some new BossLogic art, you can see how John David Washington would look, starring in the upcoming Green Lantern HBO Max series:

BossLogic took one of Tenet's more intriguing trailer scenes, and used it as the basis for this Green Lantern mock-up. In Nolan's film, Washington plays a mysterious agent trying to stop doomsday, using a unique gift: the ability to "invert" the flow of time. Details on this technique are still coming to light, but it essentially involves temporary reversing the course of events, to avoid calamity. In what is already going to be a classic Nolan sequence, Washington's character is asked to fire a gun into a target down-range, and ends up "catching" a bullet already shot into the target, back into the barrel of the gun.

This fan art of Washington as John Stewart swaps the gun for a power ring, and the Green Lantern costume and accessories are seamlessly woven into the movie still. However, the real genius of the image is how BossLogic depicts the kind of gravitas that John David Washington could bring to the role of John Stewart/Green Lantern. You can see the intensity and willpower behind Washington's eyes - the same kind that has kept his father, Denzel Washington, as one of the world's biggest leading men. Of all the would-be castings of John Stewart (which have included Common, Idris Elba and Tyrese Gibson), John David Washington makes for a compelling candidate, after actually seeing him in the costume.

Green Lantern comic writer and DC Entertainment exec Geoff Johns will be producing the Green Lantern series, which has been hinted to be an origin story of two Green Lanterns. Given how different Hal Jordan an John Stewart are, they seem like the perfect buddy-cop odd-pair for Warner Bros. to go with.

We'll keep you updated on the Green Lantern series. Tenet is slated to hit theaters in 2020.

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