Here Is What Henry Cavill Could Look Like As Superman In Kingdom Come

Superman made his big return in Justice League, but a new piece of art gives him a Kingdome Come makeover.

In Justice League the character returns to the land of the living, but what if Henry Cavill and DC took on a different storyline? SPDRMNKYXXIII decided to create a Cavill Superman based on the Kingdom Come version, and it's awfully convincing.

Kingdom Come's version of big blue is older and wears his hair in a ponytail. It's also graying on the sides, and instead of the traditional red and yellow Superman symbol he wears a red and black version. All of those aspects are in this art, showing a weary but still powerful Superman. You can view the image below.


Kingdom Come was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. It was an Elseworlds tale set in the year 2020, where modern-day heroes were out of control and much more reckless than the old guard. It required the League that was left to reform and take on Magog and his band of "heroes", and is considered a modern classic.

While reactions to Justice League were mixed, Cavill had nothing but kind words for the fans that came out to support it.

"To you the fans, what can I are incredible, amazing, wonderful people and for you I am endlessly grateful," Cavill wrote. "Thank you. These Superheroes that we play are you and you are them. Your passion, your patience, your belief in the magic is why I do what I do. Thank you all for coming and for your support. Being on this journey with you is special beyond words." Cavill concluded with the hashtags "Justice League," "Hope," "Superman" and "You."

Justice League currently holds a 61.28 on's composite rankings, placing it at #72 on the all-time list. It currently holds a 3.72 out of 5 on the User Rankings, placing it at #45.

Justice League is currently still in theaters.

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