'iZombie' Star Rahul Kohli Says Odds of a Fifth Season are "Probably 50/50"

During a live session with fans on Instagram, iZombie star Rahul Kohli gave the odds of returning for a fifth season at about 50/50.

“We’ll have to wait until the show comes out,” the actor said when asked whether iZombie might return again next season. “It’s too early to say. Probably 50/50.”

The series will enter its fourth season on Monday, and with it comes the biggest status quo change yet. In the past, series protagonist Olivia Moore was a high-functioning zombie who ate brains, got psychic impressions from them, and then passed off those visions as intuition or premonitions, and used them to help an unsuspecting Seattle Police Department solve crimes. There was an underground swell of zombie activity, but none of them wanted to be found out by the wider world.

At the end of season 3, the zombies were found out. As their rolls swelled due to a plot by extremist zombies to infect everyday people via flu shots, "Discovery Day" came, with the evening news getting the note: armed zombies were making Seattle their hometown, and they would not be dangerous -- as long as humans did not try to hurt them, and as long as they could get access to the brains of the dead.

The suddenly-dystopian Seattle will be a wildly different place in season 4, and one of the things that could make it different is Kohli's character, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. At the end of season 4, Ravi developed what he belived to be an immunization to prevent the spread of the zombie virus. After subjecting himself to the shot, he asked Liv to scratch him, so that they could see whether or not he would turn. The season faded to black without the audience having an answers.

“I always knew Rob Thomas’s plans for the world; he had said to us for years, season 4 is where we get into more apocalyptic stuff, where the landscape changes,” Kohli told ComicBook.com. “I always believed, we all firmly believed, that Clive and Ravi would remain human, untouched, and that’s now a question mark on Ravi’s status. That was a big surprise. I think Ravi and Clive are the audience; we’re the humans and we live amongst the zombies, so the fact that that’s in jeopardy, I was quite surprised.”


He also told fans that he would go live on Instagram for part of the season 4 premiere, "Are You Ready For Some Zombies?"

iZombie premieres on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, following the next episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.