John Mayer Claims 'The Accountant' Is A Batman Movie


Just when you thought you had heard it all, John Mayer makes a claim which somehow makes a little bit of sense: The Accountant is a Batman movie.

The Accountant, which was written by and starred current Batman actor Ben Affleck, told the story of a math savant who uncooks the books for a new client as the Treasury Department closes in on his activities. It becomes violent as Affleck's Christian Wolff uses some heavy guns to defend himself and attack others, which isn't outside of Batman's wheelhouse based on his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice outlook on killing.

"[The Accountant is] a Bruce Wayne origin story," Mayer wrote on Twitter. "We see that he is both trained in fighting and accounting. His father was shot. His trailer/storage space is the first bat-cave. He is beginning to acquire great wealth. His brother will become his arch nemesis." Well, some of it made decent points, but for the most part, let's hope Mayer was just trying to have a little fun...

Check out the tweets from Mayer below.


Most of Mayer's followers came out in support of the theory on Twitter. One fan even wrote, "Why are you not President?"

Another fan took the theory a bit further. "J.K. Simmons is playing Commissioner Gordon in the new Justice League film and then of course you know his role in The Accountant..." said @bailey_bomar, to Mayer's "This guy gets it," response.


Other Twitter users claim to have had an "epiphany" after reading Mayer's theory, so, maybe he is on to something? After all, The Accountant is also a Warner Bros. film and Affleck did once promise to write and direct a Batman movie (although, The Accountant really wasn't it).

Justice League is now playing in theaters.