'Justice League': Barry Allen's DMV Record & Drivers License Revealed

Even the Flash can't move fast enough to avoid the DMV, and fans can learn quite a bit about the [...]

Even the Flash can't move fast enough to avoid the DMV, and fans can learn quite a bit about the speedster thanks to their records.

Barry Allen's DMV record and drivers license have surfaced online, revealing a few new details about the lovable hero. His license is registered in Central City, OH, the place that Flash calls home, but more notable is his date of birth. Allen was born on September 30, 1992, which puts him at 25 years old. That's pretty young compared to the other heroes, with Cyborg clearly being the only one close in age.

The best part about that though is the date holds significance to Flash actor Ezra Miller. Miller used his actual birthday for the Flash, though he wasn't born in Central City obviously (it's not real).

You can view his DMV record and license in the video here.

Miller's Flash is a constant highlight in Justice League, and for inspiration, he looked to famed comic writer Grant Morrison.

"Grant Morrison is like the high priest of comic book and graphic novel writers," Miller told DC All Access. "Grant Morrison is my absolute favorite comic book author and the person who really shows me a way into this mythology and then a way through it into just the beautiful scope of everything. I mean, he goes quite deep. I've really been so inspired by his work."

That wasn't the only comic legend Miller had a chance to work with either, as he also recalled the surrealness of being in front of Alex Ross.

"I swear, I felt like I'd been blacking out and entering comic frames," Miller said. "It's very hard to describe the feeling when you look out at someone you know and see that Alex Ross painting in front of you, and it's these real people. There's this underlying knowledge of everything they've done and gone through to get to that place."

Fans can see Miller in action in Justice League, which is in theaters now.