'Justice League': Gary Clark Jr. Talks Crafting "Come Together"

For a film about heroes coming together to form a world-saving team, 'Come Together' was the [...]

For a film about heroes coming together to form a world-saving team, "Come Together" was the perfect song choice for the DC Extended Universe's Justice League and the man behind the remake of the Beatles' 1969 hit says the song's message goes beyond the movie.

The Justice League version of the song is back on the charts nearly 50 years after the Beatles' original release and musician Gary Clark Jr., who is the voice and guitar behind the "Come Together" remake, told Huffington Post he thinks it's because the song's message is about everyone coming together, not just heroes.

"I think to hear that now, with everything that's going on, it feels right," Clark Jr. said. "Whether I was involved in this project or not, I think the more messages like that and the more ideas of coming together -- that's really good. And it's inspiring for me individually, and hopefully for everyone else. For people I talk to, the conversation always leads to: We need some sort of change. We need to come together."

The opening track from the album "Abbey Road", "Come Together" was released by the Beatles in 1969, topping the charts in the United States. The remade version is Clark Jr.'s highest charting single yet, having gotten a lot of exposure in Justice League promos and trailers, but for Clark Jr. the decision to take on the project was more about the Fab Four than uniting the League. The musician has been a lifelong fan of the Beatles.

"My mom had a huge crush on Paul McCartney," he explained. "'I Want to Hold Your Hand' was my introduction. 'Come Together' was a song I really loved growing up. 'The White Album' was my whole take on what music was, along with [Jimi] Hendrix and that whole era. I was really inspired by [the Beatles'] songwriting."

"Come Together" is also inspiring Clark Jr.'s young son, though the song has had an unexpected consequence. The musician said that his son now thinks he's friends with Batman and the rest of the heroes in the League.

"It's like his favorite song," Clark Jr. said. "He just wants to listen to that and watch the video. He thinks I'm friends with Batman and all these guys. So, he thinks I'm really cool right now"

Justice League is in theaters now.