Joss Whedon Picked 'Justice League's Opening Credit Music

Justice League may have opened in a similar fashion to other Zack Snyder movies, showing a slow montage of a crime wave set to a classic and foreboding tune, but it looks like the original director wasn't the one who chose the tune.

"Everybody Knows," a Leonard Cohen song covered by Sigrid, played as viewers watched what kind of trouble Metropolis had gotten itself into following Superman's death. Snyder has used Cohen's music in the past, most notably in his take on Watchmen back in 2008, so fans likely believed that the cover was his idea. However, recent comments by replacement director Joss Whedon on Twitter suggest that he's the one that brought the song into the fold.

When Emily Nussbaum, a TV critic for The New Yorker, tweeted out lyrics to "Everybody Knows," Whedon replied by saying that he "stuck it in JL."

So, if Whedon was the one who decided to include this version of the song in the film, what was Snyder's original plan? After all, it does sound like a Snyder tune.

This is the debate fans are now having on Twitter, trying to figure out what the plan for the original song was all along. Is it possible that Snyder was going to use the Cohen version of the song, and Whedon just made the choice to have Sigrid cover it?


Judging by the phrasing of Whedon's response, that's not all too likely. We may never know what Snyder had intended with his opening sequence.