Kevin Smith Says 'Justice League' Had Moments That Made His Heart Soar

Justice League is out in theatres and even though the DC Extended Universe film didn't have the [...]

Justice League is out in theatres and even though the DC Extended Universe film didn't have the best opening weekend or critical reviews, Kevin Smith enjoyed the movie so much he saw it twice.

In his Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Ralph Garman, Smith revealed that he had gone to see the superhero team up film twice and that not only did he enjoy it, there were moments in the film that he said made his heart soar.

"I saw Justice League twice already," Smith said. "I liked it. I liked it. There's stuff in it that I really dug, stuff that I was happy, I mean it's weird this is like, I'm not going to review the movie and stuff, but these are moments that f*** made my heart soar."

While Smith referred to some of the movie's musical moments, including a point where Danny Elfman's score paid homage to another of Elfman's cinematic scores by playing his 1989 Batman score during a shot of Ben Affleck as Batman, what really won Smith over was seeing certain elements from comic books come to life on the big screen, specifically in the past battle scenes within the film.

"So, they're telling the story of the last time that Steppenwolf invaded the Earth with parademons and like the Atlanteans and the Amazonians and the armies of men had to bond together to stop Steppenwolf and fight the powers of Apokolips," Smith explained. "As the story's being told, Diana, Wonder Woman is telling the story to Bruce Wayne, so as she's telling this story. She said even aliens from other planets came to fight.

"And so, they showed an alien you've never seen before, but he had a green energy and a Lantern ring. So, the idea was like f*** lanterns even back in the first age like were defenders of the galaxy and they came to earth to help. So, there is this one moment in this battle, this throwaway moment, where a f*** lantern is killed and he f*** hits the ground and all of a sudden, the ring shoots off his finger and takes off into space. Oh my god sh** like that, seeing that on the big screen after reading that in comics for so long and watching Ryan Reynolds do it once was really wonderful. So, there's moments like that that really did it for me."

Smith's praise of the film for those special moments puts him in the same camp as a lot of fans who rated Justice League on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the film having a disappointing 40 percent rating on the review aggregate's Tomatometer, it's fared well with its audience score. The film has an 85 percent enjoyment rating with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 -- on par with the critically-acclaimed Thor: Ragnarok.

Justice League is in theaters now.