New Frame From 'Justice League' Snydercut Revealed

Justice League fans are still holding out hope for a Zack Snyder cut of the film, and storyboard artist Jay Oliva recently shared a new image from that initial version.

Oliva has been open about the fact that a Snyder cut of the film does exist, albeit not in ready to screen on a theater screen form. In celebration of San Diego Comic-Con Oliva took to social media and shared a new image from the original storyboards, which shows part of the sequence where Cyborg is attempting to split up the Unity, which is the trio of Motherboxes combined into one absolute powerful entity.

Oliva posted it with the caption "Frame from JL Snydercut. Be safe down in SDCC everyone and remember to #LoveWhatYouLove and respect each other's fandoms. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut."

You can check out the image in question above.

Later someone asked if this was his way of announcing the Snyder Cut for San Diego Comic-Con, but alas it is not.

"No I'm just posting this to show my support to all of you, the fans who used social media to create a movement to see the original cut that Zack intended for us all to see," Oliva wrote.

As Oliva previously cleared up, while the Zack Snyder Cut of the film exists in completed form, completed doesn't mean it would be ready to hit screens, as it would still need polish and some visual effects. Still, due to the way Snyder lays out his films, there is a full film already assembled.

"Other than incomplete vfx and maybe some reshoots for hook ups everything was shot that was storyboarded," Oliva wrote. "Zack isn't the kind of director who creates the film in the edit bay. It's all planned out meticulously from beginning to end. That's how MoS and BvS was done."

Oliva's been challenged on that premise before, but as he explains, Snyder did complete his version of the film before leaving.

"I think they are responding to people saying that the Snydercut (prior to Whedon's involvement) does not exist and is not a cohesive story because Zack left," Oliva said. "It may not be 100% polished but all of the planned scenes were shot and edited into a full timeline."


We've seen pieces of it here and there, but whether we ever see the full cut remains to be seen. There is a part of me that's curious, especially when it comes to the Darkseid bits, but guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Justice League is on home video now.