Justice League Squares Off Against Suicide Squad in DC Crossover

jl vs ss

DC's two biggest superteams are set to collide in a comic book crossover, beginning this December. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Justice League and Suicide Squad will face off in a "Justice League vs. Suicide Squad" crossover storyline that will run consist of its own six issue weekly miniseries, plus tie-ins from DC's Justice League and Suicide Squad titles.

While the Justice League title has been one of DC's books for years, Suicide Squad has enjoyed a newfound prominence, thanks to the recent movie. The current Suicide Squad comic is illustrated by superstar artist and DC co-publisher Jim Lee.

Joshua Williamson and Jason Fabok will write and illustrate the main Justice League vs. Suicide Squad book and illustrated by Jason Fabok. No creative teams were announced for the Justice League and Suicide Squad tie-in issues.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which first announced the new title, the event will revolve around Batman's attempt to shut down the Suicide Squad, seeing it as unnecessary due to the existence of the Justice League. That plot point mirrors the end of the Suicide Squad movie, when Batman tells Amanda Waller that Task Force X will be unnecessary because he's forming his own team.

In addition to the two teams fighting each other, the Wall Street Journal also reports that the two teams will also face an unknown common threat. Williamson also told the Wall Street Journal that DC villain and recent Suicide Squad member Killer Frost will also have a focus on the series.

The main Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event will be released weekly, with two issues released in December and four issues released in January. Justice League #12 and #13 will tie into the event, as will Suicide Squad #9 and #10. The event will also have an impact on the rest of the DC universe, and the book's aftermath will lead to several spinoff series, including a returning Justice League of America title.

Per the Wall Street Journal, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is the first of a series of quarterly events designed to keep fans interested in DC's recent "Rebirth" initiative. DC recently reported that Rebirth has led to the company selling 12 million comics over the summer.


(via Wall Street Journal)