'Justice League' Trailer's Clark Kent Scene Homages 'Superman: The Movie'

Justice League's newest trailer has plenty for fans to be excited about, but there's one scene that's still on everyone's minds.

Fans got their first look at Superman (or, really, Clark Kent) in the trailer's opening moments, when he's shown talking to Lois in the field outside of the Kent household. While the scene is pretty significant on its own, some have begun to notice that it parallels to a classic retelling of the character, Superman: The Movie.

The first indication was Clark's wardrobe, with him wearing a red plaid shirt that pretty closely resembles the jacket worn by young Clark (Jeff East) in one sequence Superman. This fashion choice seems to be a staple for the characters of Justice League, as the film's Barry Allen wears a similar red plaid jacket as well.

But when you look at the scenes themselves, there's another layer to the parallel. Both find Clark's scene partner -Superman's Ma Kent and Justice League's Lois - noticing the hero's return from the porch of the Kent house. Both find Clark in a corn field, before standing in it with him and having some sort of long-awaited conversation.


In the Superman scene, which you can watch here, Ma Kent is accepting the fact that Clark needs to go discover his true identity. In Justice League's case, we really only get a small snippet of Clark and Lois' conversation, with them talking about their engagement. But given the little we do know about Superman's return in Justice League, it's safe to assume that the more modern version of Clark could be doing some soul-searching as well. With that in mind, it isn't out of the question that Clark and Lois' full conversation could have an even further parallel to the Superman scene, or at least provide a unique sort of mirror image to it.

Fans won't have to wait too much longer to find out, as Justice League releases in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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