Kevin Smith Wants a Directing Spot on The CW’s ‘Batwoman’

Batwoman is coming to the Arrowverse, first as part of the upcoming annual crossover event and, potentially, in her own series on The CW. While the Batwoman show is still in development for the network, though, Kevin Smith is letting it be known that he'd like a director's spot on the series.

Speaking with MTV at San Diego Comic-Con this last weekend, Smith was asked if he'd messaged executive producer Greg Berlanti about Batwoman and Smith, who has directed multiple episodes of both Supergirl and The Flash, said he has no problem reaching out.

"Last time I texted Greg [Berlanti] was from the hospital the night I had the heart attack and stuff 'cause a lot of people were sending text and emails going 'are you okay?' and he sent one and I wrote back 'I'm fine! I'm doing notes on my Flash episode right now' cause I was sitting there watching Flash and taking down like cut notes and stuff and he's like 'bro, you don't even do the heart attack right. You're supposed to enjoy it and stuff' so I would, I would totally reach out to him," Smith said.

While an actual Batwoman series is a little way off -- the show would debut in 2019 should it be picked up by The CW -- Smith also cited Berlanti's DC TV shows as part of the reason why he doesn't really want to direct super hero movies.

"Greg Berlanti will not f--ing stop making these amazing comic book TV shows," Smith said. "Yeah, I owe him a great debt of thanks, because he put those shows together with his creative teams and whatnot and their casts, and they have allowed me those shows -- and Greg and his team and himself -- have allowed me to go into a world that I never really had much of an interest in going into."

It sounds like Smith has quite a bit of interest in Batwoman, though and for good reason. The series is set to focus on the popular character's alter-ego Kate Kane, who is the featured hero in the streets of Gotham City. The character on the show will be an out lesbian, matching the original Kate Kane in the comic books. The character will also be a highly-trained street fighter and is in the middle of her fight against the resurgence of criminals in the fictional city. On top of her heroic turn, Kate will also have to face her own demons, making for an interesting duality to the character.

If the series gets picked up by The CW, which is likely, it will be Berlanti's seventh show airing on the network, and 15th overall. In addition to all of the DC live-action shows on The CW, Berlanti produces Riverdale, All-American, God Friended Me, The Red Line, Blindspot, You, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Titans, and Doom Patrol.


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