'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 3 Sizzle Reel Released

This Tuesday, DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be back on our television screens - and The CW is celebrating with an awesome new video.

The network recently unveiled a new sizzle reel for the series' upcoming third season, which you can check out above.

The video previews quite a bit of what to expect for the new season, as the show's ragtag group of heroes deal with new "anachronisms" in the timeline. They can be seen crossing paths with Julius Caesar and PT Barnum, teaming up with The Flash's Wally West/Kid Flash, and dealing with foes such as Damien Darhk, Gorilla Grodd, and even a Dominator.

"We're definitely all effected." Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer/The Atom, told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "We're all in the same boat or ship as it were, and that kind of propels us into season 3, dealing with the future and present that we've created by rewriting history."

While missing from the sizzle reel, the new season will also include several appearances from John Constantine (Matt Ryan), a DCTV fan-favorite.

Along the way, the Legends will also face off against Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau, an organization who, as the trailer puts it, can do a "better "job of cleaning up time.

"We go up against this new sort of group called the Time Bureau, who are this slicker and well-oiled team." Franz Drameh, who plays Jax Jackson/Firestorm, told ComicBook.com. "They're kind of our competition in terms of sorting out and fixing the problems with time."


Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW on October 10th, at 9/8c, following new episodes of The Flash.

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