'Legends of Tomorrow': One Legend Will Be Spending More Time With the Time Bureau in Season 4

The heroes may have their hands full dealing with trying to track down and capture a crop of "magical fugitives" when Legends of Tomorrow returns next month, but it sounds like at least one member of the team will be hanging out with the Time Bureau.

Showrunner Phil Klemmer recently told Variety that Nate/Steel (Nick Zano) will be spending more time in 2018 as he tries to connect with his father, leaving him in a position to be around the Bureau more.

"Meanwhile, Nate is going to reconnect with his father [and] as such, Nate will spend a lot more time in 2018 -- which will give him a chance to see the inner workings of the Time Bureau," Klemmer said. "Last season, Ava Sharpe and the Bureau served as foils to our Legends but this season they will be our allies."

Back in July it was announced that Tom Wilson, the comedian and actor best known for playing Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future trilogy has been cast to play Nate's father, Hank Heywood. With a lifetime in the military and Department of Defense, Hank is part of a long line of Heywoods to serve the country. It's big shoes for Nate to fill, something not helped by the fact that Nate can't tell his father that he's a Legend.

Of course, spending time with the Bureau and trying to get close to his father won't stop Nate from having some adventures. Co-showrunner Keto Shimizu recently shared the title of the season's sixth episode, "Tender is the Nate". There are no other details about the episode yet, but Shimizu has previously explained that there could be some fascinating creatures creating problems for the Legends -- which could include Nate.

"In typical Legends fashion, having saved the world and solving one big problem, they have actually launched a whole other set of problems — and this one being magical fugitives, as we're calling them. Creatures from myth, legend, fairy tales have now been spat out all over the timeline," said showrunner Keto Shimizu. "The timeline has now been infected, essentially, with these magical creatures and it's now the Legends' job to clean up their mess."

Shimizu promised that while some of the creatures will be more niche, drawing from mythology that maybe is not huge in mainstream pop culture, there will still be plenty for the average fan to recognize and appreciate.


"It's a combo. There will be some that will be very, very familiar, but of course with a Legends spin, so not quite the creature you're familiar with but our version of that creature. And then we will do some deep dives into some more obscure creatures, and of course in order to battle this new type of threat, which none of us are magical ourselves, none of us know how to battle these things, we enlist the help of a certain warlock to come join us and help us in that crusade."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return with new episodes on Monday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.