Legends of Tomorrow To Have a Baby Yoda-Inspired Episode in Season 6

In the coming season, DC's Legends of Tomorrow will have an episode that will be inspired in part [...]

In the coming season, DC's Legends of Tomorrow will have an episode that will be inspired in part by "Baby Yoda," also known as Grogu, the child being protected by the titlular antihero in the Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. Without revealing specifics as to how it works, there will apparently be an episode later this season in which an adorable, animatronic alien appears...and proceeds to make everyone's life harder by compromising the timeline in such a way that it alters Behrad Tarazi's personality and origin story, leaving the Legends scrambling to get the familiar version of their friend and teammate back.

This might sound a bit like "Phone Home," a fan-favorite episode from the show's third season that riffed on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by introducing an alien thrown back through time, who met up with a ten-year-old Ray Palmer, kicking off a series of events that led to the hero's untimely death in a timeline that the Legends had to fix. Behrad, introduced at the end of season four and a regular character throughout much of season five, has not yet had the kind of character-defining solo story that his sister had in that same season's "Here I Go Again," an episode in which Zari, then a new member of the team, was caught in a time loop and had to get to know her teammates intimately in order to figure out how to extricate herself from it.

"We actually devote a whole episode to Behrad, episode 9 of this season," Klemmer told ComicBook. "It's interesting, because he's such an easygoing, laid-back guy, that invariably people take those kinds of personalities for granted. Because they're so easygoing, their grooviness can almost make you forget how important it is to have that kind of low-key energy around, especially when we have so many tempers on the Waverider. So we did this episode, which is kind of our Baby Yoda episode, in the middle of the season. It features a very adorable, animatronic alien, who unfortunately is not as sweet as Baby Yoda. But it also explroes a timeline in which Behrad's origin story is compromised by this alien, and he becomes a different person. All of a sudden, the Legends, including or even primarily Zari, realize that 'oh my God, this laid-back stoner, yoga-posing peacenik that we all take for granted is being replaced by something quite different, and now it's like, 'how do we get Behrad back?'"

Having spent last season trying to track down the Loom of Fate in order to bring back their slain comrades, the Legends must now save history from a foe like none they've encountered in the past or future. Co-captains of the time-ship Waverider Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) have dealt with monsters, time anomalies, and most recently, villains from Hell, but this season they will face something even more challenging and bizarre ... space aliens.

After one of their own is abducted by a ruthless alien, this new mission becomes personal. It will take more than the combined powers of a dark magician, John Constantine (Matt Ryan); a semi-reformed arsonist, Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell); historian who transforms into steel, Nate Heywood (Nick Zano); and a brother-sister wind-totem-wielding duo, Zara Tarazi (Tala Ashe) and Behrad Tarazi (Shayan Sobhian) to save the world for a sixth time. They must recruit a new Legend, a woman who was abducted by aliens when she was a child and supposedly imbued with powers that will help the team defeat their intergalactic foes. Either that or she's just crazy... Based on the characters from DC, DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti ("Arrow," "The Flash," "Supergirl"), Phil Klemmer ("The Tomorrow People," "Chuck"), Grainne Godfree ("The Flash"), Keto Shimizu ("Arrow"), James Eagan ("Ash vs Evil Dead," "Hellcats") and Sarah Schechter ("Arrow," "The Flash").

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on May 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.