Lynda Carter Reveals Wonder Woman-Inspired Mask

You don't have to be Wonder Woman to possibly save a life by wearing a mask and former Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter is showing that off. Carter portrayed the DC Comics icon on the TV series by the heroine's name from 1975 through 1979. Since those days, Lynda Carter's name has been synonymous with the character. Today, Carter is encouraging her fans to be kind to each other and wear a mask as a means to possibly save a life and prevent the spread of the coronavirus amidst a global pandemic.

"Right now, all of us have a simple but crucial civic duty to wear a mask when going out in public, "Carter said in a tweet. "Today I'm wearing a Wonder Woman-inspired mask made by Clothe Your Mouth, which donates proceeds to a featured nonprofit. Civic duty + good cause = win/win!"

Check out Lynda Carter in her Wonder Woman inspired mask in the tweet below!

Earlier this year, Carter teased a potential appearance in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. "Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, we're soul sisters," Carter said on Megyn Kelly's TV show back in 2018. "That is up to Patty Jenkins. I've been talking to her about it, and she's given me some hints about it. And I guess it's up to Warner Bros. if they want to spend the money."

Carter has made numerous appearances on Supergirl in its recent year but this would mark her first appearance in DC's cinematic projects alongside Gal Gadot. Carter was a huge influence on the 2017 feature film as well, revealing that she had been in contact with director Patty Jenkins about her portrayal of the character as they worked on the script. She even reviewed the film calling it a "wonderful movie" and saying star Gal Gadot was "fabulous" in the title role. Carter also openly called for Wonder Woman to have been nominated for an Academy Award after only a clip from the film was shown during the ceremony.


Wonder Woman 1984 is now due out in October.