Margot Robbie Ate A Whole Birthday Cake Before Harley Quinn Dressing Scene In Suicide Squad

People frequent a variety of places on their birthday, whether that be a fancy restaurant, an outing at the mall, or a family get-together at your aunt's house.

Instead of those frequented locations, actress Margot Robbie Most celebrated her 25th birthday on the set of Suicide Squad. While it went incredibly well overall, a constantly changing shooting schedule can alter even the best-laid plans.


That's what happened to Robbie when the cast threw her a birthday party on set that happened to coincide with one of the more revealing shots of the film, the scene in which Harley puts on her costume for the first time. The actress recounted the story to Jimmy Kimmel during a recent appearance.

"Not a bad day to have your birthday for sure, but it just so happens that the day we were shooting, the scene we were shooting that day was the scene where I'm like getting dressed into my Harley costume, so I was really worried about like, you know, having to take your top on and off in the scene. And at lunchtime, they surprised me with like this ginormous cake and I was like I mean, I'm holding out until I get this over and done with, like trying not to eat badly until this scene is done."

"So I wait and they keep pushing this scene until it got to like 6 pm at night and I was like "you know what, this scene is not happening today, I'm just going to eat this whole damn cake right now", and I ate the cake and we sat there and ate it and were like "this is the best birthday ever" and then they were like "ready for you on set", and I was like "I just ate a whole cake. I mean I was obviously self-conscious so I was like "they can see the whole cake in my stomach oh my god" so, I'm sure it was fine."


It appears as if that scene turned out just fine.

Suicide Squad rolls into theatres on Augusts 5th.