Michael Jai White Wants To Play Black Manta In Aquaman Movie

With rumors swirling that Black Manta will be the villain of the live-action Aquaman flick, fans [...]

michael jai white black manta

With rumors swirling that Black Manta will be the villain of the live-action Aquaman flick, fans are going wild with saying who they'd like to see take on the role. And, now, it looks like one of the most popular fan-casted actors is saying he'd be alright with being Black Manta.

Taking to Twitter, actor Michael Jai White graciously responded to a fan who tweeted, "@MichaelJaiWhite for Black Manta." The actor responded eagerly, saying, "I accept your nomination!" before the Internet then lost its mind. The actor's account has since been flooded with fans begging for White to become Black Manta.

Obviously, the final casting call will come down Warner Bros., but it's definitely nice to know White would be interested in the role should the opportunity present itself.

For those who're unfamiliar with Black Manta, the character stands as one of Aquaman's most well-known foes. Also known as David, the character first debuted back in 1967's Aquaman #35. The villain, who's always been intrigued with Aquaman's power, eventually grows to resent the hero and become sobsessed with destroying him. Fitted with a wetsuit costume and weaponized helmet, Black Manta has always used hi-tech equipment (and some enhanced strength) to take on the the aquatic hero on his home turf over the years.

So, really, it's understandable for fans to want White to play the villain. The actor has is well-known for his martial arts and action roles in films like Mortal Kombat: Legacy. White was also the first African American actor to play a comic book superhero in a major motion length picture by playing Al Simmons. And, to bring things full circle, the actor has also worked with DC before as he voiced Green Lantern John Stewart in the game Justice League Heroes and has starred in CW's Arrow.

Update: Musician, actor and well-known comics fan Chris Daughtry is one big supporter of Michael Jai White as Black Manta. He posted the following message to Instagram even before Michael through his hat into the ring.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing White take on the role of Black Manta? Let us know in the comments below!

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