New Deadshot Family Details Confirmed for Suicide Squad

(Photo: DC Entertainment / WB)

Last year in Toronto, during one of the on location shoots for Suicide Squad, Will Smith was spotted out as Floyd Lawton, the civilian identity of Deadshot, in a long, maroon trench coat and wide-rimmed circular hat. In the scene, he was pictured shopping with a young girl around Christmas time.

Speculation hit then that the girl was his daughter, in the pages of DC Comics named Zoe Lawton. That was finally confirmed today in a new image of Deadshot released by WB via EW. With the new headshot of Deadshot came a small blurb noting that he's "conflicted" as he's "trying to do right by his daughter."

Zoe Lawton was created by Christos Gage and Steven Cummings in Deadshot #1, as an out-of-wedlock daughter that Deadshot finds out about only after she's already past toddler-hood. She's been reinterpreted twice since, appearing in the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham in a non-speaking cameo, and on Arrow, as a legitimate daughter of Floyd's in flashbacks.

The bigger news here is the confirmation that we'll be seeing more backstories for characters besides Harley Quinn, who we already knew about. Those bits of humanity for the larger-than-life and otherwise villainous characters are key to making fans care about them. When you look at an anti-hero like Deadpool, certainly the chief example in film at this point, or even Magneto, they have their own personal hopes, loves, and tragedies.


Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.