New Suicide Squad Behind-The-Scenes Photo Revealed

It’s no secret that moviegoers saw Suicide Squad en masse. The DC Entertainment flick featured [...]

It's no secret that moviegoers saw Suicide Squad en masse. The DC Entertainment flick featured some of the biggest baddies in the history of comics, and it continues to shatter box office records. Recently, the film knocked Iron Man out of the Top 50 Highest-Grossing Domestics Movies of All Time, and now, one of the photographers from Suicide Squad is celebrating the milestone with an exclusive photo.

Clay Enos posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo to his Instagram recently to commemorate the blockbusting film. The black-and-white photo shows Clay laying on the ground as he takes a low-angle photo of the Suicide Squad cast. The ensemble photo, which many will recognize from promotional adverts, features the entire team of rag-tag villains.

"I'm poking around looking for some [Suicide Squad] images to share," Clay said. "Meanwhile, here's a [Eric Matthies] shot of me doing my thing."

Of course, fans are loving the sneak-peek shot and can't seem to get enough of the super-villain squad. The film, which debuted back in August, has since earned over $731 million internationally. The much-anticipated film managed to overcome a slew of negative reviews from critics and emerge at a top contender for the summer box office.

Hype for the film has only grown in recent weeks as news continues to break about the creation of Suicide Squad. Most notably, Variety reported that director David Ayer has initially scouted Shia LeBeouf to play a role which eventually went to Scott Eastwood.

Originally, Shia said the character was different when he first learned of him but "then Will [Smith] came in, and the script changed a bit. That character and Tom [Hardy's] character [later played by Joel Kinnaman] got written down to build Will up."

And, apparently, Warner Bros. wasn't all too keen on Shia starring in the film. "I don't think Warner Bros. wanted me," he said. "I went in to meet, and they were like, 'Nah, you're crazy. You're a good actor, but not this one.' It was a big investment for them."

Earlier this week, Jai Courtney also added fuel to the Suicide Squad flame when he addressed the film's negative reviews. The actor, who played Captain Boomerang, spoke with MTV and said Suicide Squad never intended to offend anyone and (ironically) tried to do justice to the baddies.

"How do you please everyone? And I don't think Suicide Squad ever intended to.... So no one's setting out to upset the fan base, certainly not a fan base that can be as loyal as this kind of crowd can. But I don't know how you can push the envelope or try and protect something [without taking risks].....I know what I like in a movie, and it's not the same thing as my twelve-year-old niece....It's a challenge, and David [Ayer] did an incredible job, and I sure as hell hope we get to make another one with him."

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