DC Comics Announces Old Lady Harley Mini-Series

Watch out, Logan. Old Lady Harley's story isn't done yet. DC Comics announced a new mini-series featuring the older, crazier, antihero from writer Frank Tieri.

Comics fans first met Old Lady Harley back in Harley Quinn #42 giving fans just a taste of what a Harley who is 30 years older and a whole lot crazier looks like at the end of Tieri's run on the title. Now, spinning out of that story, fans will get to find out so much more about this future Harley as well as how she got there.

old lady harley
(Photo: DC Comics)

"Think of it this way... if Harley Quinn #42 was your appetizer, then Old Lady Harley, that's your main course right there," Tieri said in a press release. "Your big, fat prime rib with a fully loaded baked potato, creamed spinach with everything covered in gravy."

As readers may recall, Harley Quinn #42 takes a bit of a "what if" approach and explored had Harley not returned home to her gang and friends. That world takes on a distinctive, Mad Max-type of apocalyptic landscape with things decidedly out of control which leads to a now-old Harley being dragged back to deal with the mess -- which includes a now-feral Gang of Harleys. The new series will give readers an idea of how exactly things got that bad, through flashbacks about her relationship with the Joker and the seclusion it ultimately drove her to.

Of course, it sounds like there will be plenty of action set in the future, too. You can check out the official description of the series below.

After liberating New York City from her now-feral Gang of Harleys, poor Harley wants nothing more than to slip back into retirement in her coastal (and heavily guarded) paradise. But the Laughing Boys Gang has another idea—they’ll follow her to the ends of the Earth, to drag her back to their leader! It can’t actually be...him! Right?! He couldn’t still be alive, could he? After all…Harley killed him herself with her bare hands! Should she turn to President Power Girl for help! Or flee to the 51st state, Atlantis? Step into an insane version of a future DC Universe we all better hope we don’t live to see!


Old Lady Harley #1, written by Frank Tieri with art by Mauricet, will hit shelves on October 24, 2018.

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