'Professor Marston & The Wonder Women' Final Trailer Released

Comic book fans might have their eyes fixated on today's Justice League trailer, but another trailer tied to the world of DC Comics was recently unveiled.

A final trailer has been released for Professor Marston & The Wonder Woman, which you can check out above. The film follows William Mouton Marston (Luke Evans) through his creation of Wonder Woman, and the resulting controversy that occurred. Along the way, the film gives audiences a look at the polyamorous relationship between him, his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), and his mistress Olive (Bella Heathcote).

The trailer begins with a pretty unique angle, with Marston showing Elizabeth and Olive his original storyboards for the comic book. Both women are a little confused by the world of Wonder Woman, from the island filled with women (a pretty popular topic in recent popular culture) to the character's choice of wardrobe and transportation. Elizabeth then argues that no one will publish the series - a line that's particularly ironic, considering the widespread success the character has today.

From there, the trailer transitions into more conventional fare, with glimpses of new footage here and there. Throughout it, Marston argues that the world needs Wonder Woman, because she helps us "solve the problems of mans' hearts". And the end of the trailer provides another scene of Wonder Woman's origin, where M.C. Gaines (Oliver Platt) suggests shortening the character's name from "Suprema The Wonder Woman."

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman will premiere this Friday, October 13th, 2017.