Ryan Reynolds Battles Coronavirus With Horrible Green Lantern-Themed Rhyme

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to find the perfect message to send on St. Patrick's Day to those all [...]

Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to find the perfect message to send on St. Patrick's Day to those all around the world staying inside their homes due to the Coronavirus. Reynolds took to social media to share a fun rhyme with fans, and in keeping with the whole green theme of the day, he decided to base it on his first stab at playing a superhero Green Lantern. In fact, because it's Reynolds we're talking about here, he worked in a fun jab at himself and the Green Lantern movie he starred in right off the bat, followed by the Green Lantern oath. That said, the rhyming does fall a little flat towards the end, but he is completely aware of this.

Reynolds started off with a playful jab at himself and his movie, saying "Holy s***, I'm not good at rhyming. Or Green Lanterning.. He then launched into a version of the Green Lantern oath, which you can read below.

"In brightest day,

In blackest night,

No virus shall escape my sight.

Let those who doubt COVID's might,

Beware my power

Soap and water

Happy St. Patrick's Day"

(Photo: Instagram)

You've gotta give him props for the Green Lantern themed message, though that soap and water line doesn't quite rhyme with beware my power. It also doesn't sound as cool as Green Lantern's light, the original last line of the oath, but hey, with what he had to work with, not bad at all.

As for fans, many are staying inside if they can help it to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, only leaving if they absolutely have to stock up on food or other necessary things. This helps to keep the virus from spreading to others in large groups, and as a byproduct helps keep hospitals and medical offices from being overwhelmed.

It's a very challenging time for many, so it's nice to see Reynolds raise some spirits with a little light and humor, and we imagine it won't be the last time he does so.