'Shazam!': New Promo Shows Zachary Levi's Epic Fail

We might be ready to see Shazam! and the hero's journey, but it doesn't look like Billy Batson is prepared.

A brand new TV spot for Shazam! just debuted, showing fans a look at the titular hero as he attempts to hone his powers. Unfortunately, instead of leaping a tall building in a single bound, he ends up smacking right into the middle of it. Take a look in the video above!

We still don't know much about the new movie, but hopefully that changes this week when the new trailer for Shazam! debuts. Director David F. Sandberg teased the new footage premiering last week with a post on social media.

Sandberg is making a major change from his usual gig of directing low-budget horror films, tackling a major superhero property for one of the biggest movie studios in the world. The director spoke with ComicBook.com about the change when we visited the set of Shazam! last year.

"It's quite a marathon -- like, it's a lot of work," said Sandberg. "It's a very different way of working, just because you have to do all these pre-bits and plan everything months in advance. Then when you're shooting it, it's not always as fun as shooting a small movie, cause like you have to shoot...like today, we're shooting this little piece, and this little piece, because this piece is like a unit, this is on blue screen, this is CGI, and it's a lot of things to keep track of. So the shooting is not always fun but the result is so much more awesome than when you have these kinds of resources."

Actor Zachary Levi told us why he signed on for the role, saying that he feels it's a classic superhero story that fans will connect to.

"I've been a comic fan since I was a little kid but I don't know it nearly as well as probably everybody sitting in these chairs," Levi said. "There are two characters that I can think of in all of comics, including DC and Marvel. And it's Billy Batson and then Peter Parker. Those two, to me at least, you get to go on this journey of, instead of it being, 'Oh, I have to save the world again?' and then whatever that is, it's like, 'I get to save the world again?!'"

Shazam! premieres in theaters on April 5th.



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