Someone Created A Working Replica Of Batman's Grappling Gun

Batman has a variety of tools at his disposal, but one of his most important gadgets is the vital grappling gun, which he’s used time and time again to get himself out of precarious situations.

While Batman is one of the more grounded superheroes as far as abilities, his gadgets aren’t something you can just go buy at Home Depot or your local electronics store. That’s why The Hacksmith took it upon himself to create his own working prototype, and it appears he succeeded.

In the newest episode of Make It Real, Hacksmith goes about designing the individual hook pieces with a PCNC 440 unit. A little spot on welding later and the hook is complete. He then 3D prints a shell to hold the coil, but the actual firing mechanism is kept hidden. The grappling gun has a tactical red dot and laser sight to help with accuracy and shoots a kevlar braid rope with a 2000 LB weight capacity (via Laughing Squid).

The gun packs quite a lot of force against a lone wall (even giving him a mark on his right cheek from the feedback), but once it got outside the grappling hook handled like a dream. They were able to hit their targets with impressive accuracy, and the rope seemed to hold up well under the weight of someone hanging on it. You can view the testing phase in the video above.

The only problem with this version is that it requires actually climbing, which Batman could certainly do no problem but for the average person is a bit daunting. Next up on the Hacksmith’s list is building an ascension device that will actually lift him up the rope, and it will be interesting to see if he can get that accomplished.


Seems like people are moving closer to actually being Batman every day.

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