Suicide Squad Reveals Harley Quinn Was Involved In Robin's Murder

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Alright, let’s settle this: Rumors have been swirling over the past few days about whether Harley Quinn had anything to do with Robin’s murder. The back-and-forth all started over some text that appeared on-screen during Suicide Squad which implicated the whacked-out villain to the death. However, headlines were left squabbling over whether Harley had actually done the deed alone or not. And, now, we have an answer!

Harley Quinn did not kill Robin...but she definitely did help.

Twitter user @selinakvle posted a photo which shows the movie’s incriminating text. While the picture is a bit blurry, viewers can see the text describes Harley Quinn as an “accomplice to the murder of Robin.” So, there we have it. Harley Quinn might not have pulled the trigger - or set off the bombs - but she did help in kill Robin.

The new tidbit of information lends itself to a scene fans saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Moviegoers will remember from the first film that Bruce Wayne had Robin’s costume stowed away in a glass case. When Gotham’s vigilante looks at the suit, viewers were able to see yellow words spray painted onto Robin’s get-up which read, “Ha ha ha! Joke’s on you, Batman.” Clearly, the scene indicates it was The Joker who murdered Batman’s sidekick, and now fans also know Harley had a hand in the crime as well.

Honestly, the reveal may not mean much to the DCEU, but only time and a standalone Batman film will tell us that for sure. What’s important to note is that Harley’s involvement with Robin’s murder isn’t canon to DC’s comic universe. When Robin originally died in “A Death in the Family” circa 1988, The Joker was solely responsible for Jason Todd’s end. And, what’s more, Harley Quinn hadn't even been created at that point as she was introduced years later in Batman: The Animated Series.


But, as fans, we have to remember the two universes are separate from each other. While Harley’s involvement is a departure from the comics' canon, it makes sense for her to have been part of Robin’s murder given her relationship with The Joker. And now?

Well, now, I guess fans wait to see how 'The Bat of Gotham' feels about all of this.