CW Exec Says 'Supergirl' Fans Shouldn't Be Worried About Arrowverse Time Slot Shake Up

Arrowverse fans were met with a bit of a bombshell last month, when it was revealed that Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow would be essentially sharing the Monday night time slot for the remainder of this season. But according to The CW's president, fans can rest easy about what this change means.

Speaking to TVLine during this week's Television Critics Association press tour, Mark Pedowitz was asked about the change in programming, which will essentially bench Supergirl for nine weeks. As he explained, fans shouldn't take this as a sign that the Girl of Steel is in any sort of danger.

"The fans of Supergirl should not be worried in any way, shape or form." Pedowitz revealed. "We are big believers in the show, and big believers in [series lead] Melissa [Benoist] and the direction of the show."

Initially, fans weren't very on board with the change, even launching a petition to voice their disappointment. But according to Pedowitz, the change was partially out of their control, due to "production issues" on Supergirl's part. (Which, according to TVLine, are separate from co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg's recent removal.)

But the flip-flopping between shows was also a programming decision, partially inspired by the season four return of iZombie.

"At the same time, we thought, 'This is a good place put put Legends,' knowing that iZombie would go behind it at the end of February," Pedowitz added.

And while Supergirl's season three finale will be airing later than fellow Arrowverse shows, Pedowitz argued that that will ultimately be an upside as well.

"It also allowed us to extend into the summer, to give us more original programming, which is actually a good thing for us."

Supergirl will return from midseason hiatus on Monday, January 15th, 2018. Legends of Tomorrow will take over the same time slot on Monday, February 26th, 2018.