'Supergirl': Katie McGrath Addresses If Lena Will Find out Kara's Secret

This new season of Supergirl is only two episodes in and already there have been some major dynamic changes for Kara Danvers. Not only is she dealing with the loss of Mon-El, but with Lena Luthor running CatCo, it seems natural that Lena will discover Kara's secret identity.

But according to actress Katie McGrath, Lena might not be finding out about her best friend's double life anytime soon and McGrath, for one, prefers it that way. TV Line reports that McGrath thinks it's important that not everyone in Kara's inner circle know about her double life.

"I think it's important for Kara to have someone she doesn't have to be Supergirl with," McGrath says. "If Lena knew the truth, she'd always be Supergirl. And she needs to be Kara. That's what this whole season is about, her struggling with her humanity."

The concept that Supergirl's third season would be centered around Kara figuring out what it means to be human is something that fans have already seen a little bit of. In the season premiere, Kara had largely shut off her humanity to focus solely on being Supergirl as a way to avoid grieving the loss of Mon-El. This resulted in Kara pushing away her family and friends, as well as briefly quitting her job at CatCo -- until Lena stepped in and purchased the company to keep it from falling into Morgan Edge's hands.

While Kara did start to come back around to her family and friends, she's still struggling with the idea of her own humanity while not being human. Last week, Kara's encounters with the metahuman villain Psi caused her to suffer anxiety attacks, something Kara initially dismissed as a "human" issue before realizing that they impacted her, too.

And when it comes to Kara needing someone she's human, or at least just Kara, for, McGrath says that having Lena be that person isn't just important for the show, but for her personally as well.


"She has to be solely that person for somebody, and if that person has to be me, it makes me feel special."

Supergirl airs on Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.